The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors and Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the governing body of the Whitethorn Foundation, based in and around Providence, Rhode Island and meeting at the Whitethorn House for formal sessions. By tradition going back to 1901, the committee always has 5 members (an odd number so that ties in voting do not occur, also 5 original Founders remained in 1901 after Reverend Cramer left the group – also, Saint-Germaine seems to have been obsessed by the number 5). By tradition, all members of the committee must be Elders of the Foundation (status 5), although for some time it has been proposed that a seat on the committee ought to belong to certain Associates (like the Financial Director).

The Executive Committee serves as the Board of Directors for the Foundation, and is sometimes referred to as such, but the Foundation has members (like the Financial Director) who hold the title yet are not on the board, and most board members do not seem to be directors).

The five current committee members are:

  • Patrick John O’Brian (Elder) – An odd man by anyone’s standards, Mr. O’Brian (a native of Boston, Massachusetts) spent most of his life investigating faerie phenomena – travelling through the British Isles and Europe, tracking down folklore and legends, etc. He is a sincere believer in the existence of Arcadia and faeries. He is prone to frequent disappearances and bouts of bizarre behavior. He maintains an art gallery in Boston called The Arkadia Gallery.
  • Peter Devlin (Elder) – Mr. Devlin is a somewhat sinister character, being a reputed expert on demonology and dark occult mysteries (though no accusation has ever been made about demonolatry, some cannot help but wonder). Devlin is an intensely focused and ruthless individual. When not working for the Foundation, he is Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions for Netop Financial Services of Providence.
  • Megan Adams (Elder) – Frequently called “Morticia” behind her back, Ms. Adams dedicated her life to studying death and the dead, a true thanatologist. She was a fearless investigator of haunted houses, ghoulish activity, and vampire lore in her youth. Her normal wardrobe is entirely black. She is a medical examiner for the city of Providence.
  • Wentworth Pollard (Elder) – Mr. Pollard is seeker of the mysteries of the divine – a former investigator of miracles and divine interventions. He is not necessarily a religious man himself (a member of the First Unitarian Church), but he is fascinated by apparent evidence of the divine from any faith – he wants as much evidence for Buddhism and Islam as Judaism and Christianity. Mr. Pollard strongly feels that the Executive Committee, being removed from daily investigation now, quickly loses touch with the mission of the Foundation. He runs a photography studio (Pollard Studios) in Warwick, Rhode Island.
  • Angela Godwin (Elder) – Mrs. Godwin is married to a prominent Cranston attorney, Mr. Fredrick Godwin, and is to all appearances a homemaker. But she has long been a member of the Whitethorn Foundation, hunting the supernatural with a determination and ferocity that would shock her social peers. Mrs. Godwin has been outspoken in her belief that the supernatural represents a danger to mankind, and urges a more proactive and hostile stance on the part of the Foundation (e.g. bring stakes when researching vampires, bring silver bullets while investigating werewolves, etc.).

The Board of Directors

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